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Akane’s BIO 4/4 – English –

Akane’s BIO – English – [ JP / EN ]

With a man who I met at Czech Beer Museum in Prague. We drank beers with his friends! 22. Feb. 2017


9. Working as a System Engineer

I began working in April 2017 and participated in the training for new employees at the headquarters for three months.
I started working on site at the client’s office in July.

On the first Monday in July, I was very nervous, but as was desired, there was an office where “I can secured the preparation time for overseas freelance”.
My Client’s office was so confortable to work and to take active holidays because my bosses were willing to take their holidays.
For example, my project leader took his vacation because of the release of new “Dragon Quest”.

I worked very fun, but as I touch various opinions of various people, I feel strongly that I could not stay as it was.
What “I could not stay as it was” means that I spent as much as 40 hours a week on the SE even though I couldn’t spend on a sports writer.
For me, SE was nothing more than an alternative work of sports writer.
I felt rewarding and joy for the work of SE, but when I asked myself “Do you want to work as SE a lifetime job?”, The answer was “NO”.

Of course it was only an excuse for not being able to spend time on sportswriters while working full time.
Although I adjusted the sleeping time so as not to break the body or affect the work of the SE, I noticed that I couldn’t secured the absolute value of time required for the required input / output as a sports writer.

After noticing it, I always thought that “I want to learn sports and writing if I have time to work as SE.”
I think that I could quit immediately even if I got serious, but I didn’t quit soon, … I did not choose to quit.

Detailed background is written in the following article, I quit the company.


10. I was in the course of le Tour de France

A picture took when I got on the journalist bike in the first stage.
Photo by @makotoayano

I became a freelance writer from April 2018 and tried and tried to do what I could do.

I can not fail in my client work, but I can fail as much as I like in this blog that I can express as what I want to do.
So I was writing articles of Giro d’ Italia 2018 every day.

【Giro d’Italia 2018】記事まとめ

The chance has come much sooner than I thought.

I got jobs from Makoto Ayano@makotoayano), the chief editor of cyclowired, a web media about cycling.
And I was in France for coverage of le Tour de France 2018!
(※ I asked him to let me bring le Tour from myself).

I thought that “I cannot go to france in the first year of my freelance”.
Of course, even though I went to la Vuelta I was willing to write articles, but I couldn’t imagine that I could get a press pass.

All the things that I experienced there were valuable experiences and I think that it was good to have experienced in 2018.

In the first stage I could have a valuable experience of riding a journalist bike and felt the importance of taking a step forward.
I couldn’t have these experiences if I didn’t have decided to quit my job.

In May 2018, 2 months before le Tour, I caught a chance to write an article in the local sports magazine at Saitama prefecture “Yell sports Saitama vol. 7”.
The content was an interview to a university student runner who was from Saitama and had participated in Hakone Ekiden, the most famous long distance relay in Japan.

The article was 2 page as spreads and not so long, but I could experience a much bigger thing than what I had imagined.
Of course there are points to look back at, but it was a great fruit that I was able to engage in the process of publishing a magazine.

11. What I think now

contactI got out of the social rail of Japan.

Although I gained free time, I cannnot work as I imagined last year.
I sometimes have hard times.

What I think now is that I want to praise myself in the past.
The dark days, the another year for university exam and distress to job hunting…, these things are essential to compose me in present.

I remember being very nervous when I first contacted a writer.
Wanted to apply to him for his assistant, but I hesitated to click the submit button so many times because I thought “someone sent him applicant mail even if I don’t send”.
I owe what I am to me who clicked the submit button with courage.

I cannot make my living just by work as a sports writer.
However, I think that I will continue to do what I can do toward my goal.

While preparing to live overseas, articles about overseas in this blog may increase, but I don’t stop writing sports articles.

I’ve talked about myself for a long time so far.
First of all thank you for reading to the end.
I’m not willing to talk about myself from experiences of human distrust, so if you read all of this I think that you’re familiar with me.

Please send me your message about anything from the below contact form.
If you do so, I will be pleasure!
It will not be displayed on this page, so it’s greatly welcomed either by a harsh word or a long message.

Thank you for your continued support in the future!(10. Feb. 2019)


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