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Akane’s BIO 3/4 – English –

Akane’s BIO – English – [ JP / EN ]

With a man who I met at Czech Beer Museum in Prague. We drank beers with his friends! 22. Feb. 2017


7. at the University – the world opened at once –

A class room of the language school in Köln, Germany.

When looking at the materials for preparation for admission from the university, I chose German as the second foreign language in advance.
I applied for an intensive course.
The differences between normal course and intensive course are like this.

This decision choosing German intensive course has changed my life significantly.

All of classmate of the course were good people, and I played with them so much times as it is unbelievable that I was human distrust during my teenage.
Not only we spent time just playing or drinking, but also learning German.
So I loved German despite of that my major was political science, I dedicated my university days to German.

Intensive class ended in two years, but even after promoting to the 3rd grade, I took 3 credits of German classes per a semester.
All teachers of German language were good people and I was in their care a lot during my university days.

This is off the topic, but I went abroad for the first time in my life during summer vacation in my 3rd grade.
The destination is Köln, Germany, the purpose is short-term language study.

I was shocked as if the world overturned.
People in Germany are normally able to speak English at a conversational level, what is common in Japan is not commonplace, and everyone expresses themselves freely, etc.
Everything is too shocking and I felt so many times that a month is too short.
I made a vow to return to Germany again.

I don’t know how my life changed if I chose another language as the second foreign language.
But because of the class, I came to like German, went to Germany and my view of life changed.

After the end of the autumn semester of the third grade of university, a big setback and a turning point in life are waiting for me.

8. Job Hunting – Setbacks and Discomfort –

I started job hunting following my friends from November of the third grade.
Before going to Germany I participated in 1 Day interns, but my vision for my future didn’t change.
It is November that I began investigating companies in earnest.

There was a company I was longing for.
I felt “I wanna get a job with the company!”, so I went to the job fairs., I gathered information about the company.

The company is one of the most popular 10 companies in Japan, and I could not pass screening by CV.
It was within expectations, I couldn’t pass screening by test or interview…
As it was the seller’s market, I was impatient about I couldn’t get a job.

After found a job, when I worried about to finish my job hunt or not, someone said me:

I thought you were going to work about sports“.

I have worked as an assistant of a sports writer about two years since before going to Germany.
However, when I thought about making a living as a sports writer, I became frightened and started job hunting.

Since then, I thought about so many things such as “Will I work in the company until my retirement?” “Will I end my career without pleasure or dream?”.
Even when I became a university student, I did not have any future goals and I was doing job hunting.

The final conclusion is “I will do what I want to do!”
But at this time recruiting new graduates from major publishers have finished and I couldn’t be a writer of a publisher.
However, there was no courage to become a freelancer as soon as my graduation…

As a result of various problems, System Engineer was reached as a solution.
“I can make a living as SE while I couldn’t as a sports writer.
I can work as long as I have my computer”.

In addition, it is very big attraction that I can acquire skills that can be used anywhere in the world because the major competition of the competition that I want to interview is held in Europe.
From that time on, a sports writer living abroad may have been the goal.

I decided to withdraw from my job offer and switched my occupation to SE.
Since switched my occupation, I got a job offer from several companies soon.
Because I decided that “SE for independence as a sportswriter” at that time, I selected a company with a reputation for fostering newcomers.