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Akane’s BIO 2/4 – English –

Akane’s BIO – English – [ JP / EN ]

With a man who I met at Czech Beer Museum in Prague. We drank beers with his friends! 22. Feb. 2017


4. in the Junior High School

I entered the closest junior high school.

Ex-friends who entered the same school did not do anything directly to me.
But they spreaded the fake rumors about me, so who joined the school from other elementary schools put a distance from me.I didn’t try to redeem myself and spent 3 years as a lone wolf in junior high school.
Dealing with this problem was waste of time, I thought .

I belonged to the track & field club and became a shot-putter.
I was searching for sports club and entered the club, because the club was just standing up.My junior high school was very rare because it did not have a track and field club before the time I entered.
I joined the club because of hierarchical relationship was nothing or not rigid, this select was very nice decision.

Because track and field is indivisual sports except relay.
I like this sports because of the point that all of the result is caused by myself.
I knew that team sports wasn’t suitable for me, because I still fell into having a human distrust.

Music supported my heart in junior high school life.
I love both listeninig to and playing music now and forever.

I expanded the range of music I listen to, listening to music that my favorite artist had been influenced by and music that artist who influenced my favorite artist had been influenced by… and so on.
Music was the only thing I had a pure feeling of “love”.

I hated my colleagues of elementary and junior high school, so I decided “I don’t wanna meet anyone again after I graduate, so I will pass a very difficult entrance exam”.
I passed an exam of the high school I have wanted to enter.

5. in the High School

at Jingu Stadium(opening ceremony of elimination for Koshien in Tokyo)09. Jul. 2011

My high school life was very fun.
Because there were not school uniforms, any school rules, I made many friends and club activity was also fun…
During my high school days I showed signs of overcoming human distrust.

I took care of the baseball school club back in high school.
Before enrollment I wanted to belong to music club, but after trial participation I thought “there is not my place” and changed my mind.

When I thought which club I would belong to, my friend who was a year elder than me and graduated the same elementary and junior high school came to me.
He was a catcher of baseball club in my high school and I joined the club, because he invited me, even though I was not very familiar with baseball…
I participated in the club except Saturday or Sunday, so it was the big axis of my high school life.

High school days were full of fun things, but I did not study hard.

I chose literary system before I promoted to the 3rd grade.
At that time, there was no clear goal that I wanted to be or to do, so I chose it by process of elimination.
However, I think my patterns of thinking is perfectly science-oriented (Such result was not only in my thought but also shown by some tests).After that, I started studying for exams without clear goals for the future, but it was not so easy that I could recover what I had slacked off for two years…

I entered Kawaijuku Ikebukuro campas from April.
It is the beginning of another year preparing for the entrance exam after graduation.

6. Another Year preparing for the University

The most important thing I got during another year for the entrance exam of the university was I could know there were a lot of unique people.

There was a charismatic teacher of Japanese history at the preparatory school that I went to.
His class was so popular that there were many students couldn’t attend.
I was one of his fan, such as recording with a voice recorder and asking after the class.
What I was trying so hard at the class was only Japanese history of him even if I look back now.

Besides the teacher, there were many unique teachers, and they were not equal to the common sence, the image of “teachers = Saints, paragon of people”.

After another year has passed, I entered Department of Political Science, Faculty of Law at Chuo University.
My university life was over without seriously dealing with politics.
In the four years of the university, my values changed dramatically.