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Akane’s BIO 1/4 – English –

Akane’s BIO – English – [ JP / EN ]

With a man who I met at Czech Beer Museum in Prague. We drank beers with his friends! 22. Feb. 2017

0. Akane’s 3 sentences profile


  • I’m a sports journalist in Tokyo, Japan.
  • I quitted my job having worked for a year and started to work as a freelance (Apr. 2018 -).
  • I prepare for my plan living abroad (probably UK or Australia) in 2019.

1. before preschool

I played with my dad.

I was born in a suburb of Tokyo, on a stormy day of May 1993.
My father named me Akane, after the color of the sky in the evening.

Since my childhood, I have loved making things.
My family is close, and we hold our birthday parties on Saturdays and Sundays close to someone’s birthday (even now that my sister and I have come of age).
Before preschool, I always made birthday party programs and decorations.

My personality trait of not/never giving up once I have decided to do something has not changed since I was 3.

2. in the Elementary school

In Tokyo DisneySea. I feel that my face is different from now.

After graduating from a neighborhood kindergarten, I entered a local elementary school.

Before entering the school, I persisted in wanting an orange school bag.
However, around the year 2000, when I entered elementary school, it was still commonly thought that “boys have black, and girls have red schoolbags”.
There were also classmates who had navy or wine red school bags, but even they were a minority.

Now we often see colorful school bags, but at that time orange was really rare and the price was quite high, so my parents bought a red one after all.
By the way, even in 2018, if I search for the ideal orange one, it still seems to be rare.

Ideal orange school bag (※ image)

The earliest experience of my “love to make something” was demonstrated in national language class in 4th grade.
There was a task to write a relay novel that started with the question “What would you do if you went to desert island for a week with your team members?”.
Writing novels and comics in notebooks with friends and reading them to each other was my hobby, but the novel was more fun for me.
I was hooked on responding to unexpected passes from my team members, so we wrote the novel until the end of the 4th grade.

3. The dark ages have Come!

darknessMy last two years of elementary school were like “the dark ages” itself.

I had always hung out with three friends, ever since I was in 3rd grade.
But two of them always said ” we are done with you” whenever I did something they didn’t like.
Another girl chosen too, because they were with her longer than me.

You may think “the fault was with you, because you did something that was bad for them”.
But the reasons why they broke off their friendship with me were unreasonable.
For example, because I unveiled their secret base (it was in the park!).
None of my business.

The breaking and restoration of our friendship happened again and again.

Our friendship was broken again when we were in the 5th grade.
I think that I apologized as I used to, but I also made it a point that I was not wrong.
Because they had made gross and insulting comments to me, so I lost my temper.

Then, as soon as they told other classmates something about me, I was ostracized from the group.
Ignored from my classmates, spreading false rumors etc…

Nevertheless, I had never thought about refusing to go to school.

My distress made them happy.

→ They would became happy if I refused to go to school.

I can’t make them happy!!!!

Under this rebellious spirit, I went to school refusing to notice whatever they did to me.

At the same time, I fell into having a distrust of non-family members, because distrust for classmates and my homeroom teacher who ignored what happened in the classroom arose.
Since I had no friends, I never went outside and I ate everyday ate potato chips to try and relieve stress, so I got fatter.
I don’t want to say that I was overweight at that time, but it was the heaviest weight in my life.
In the end, I’m the only one who I can trust.
This thought still resonates with me to the core of my mind.

At the time, the Internet was something that I could rely on.
There was one computer that the family could share and I could use it for only 1 hour a day (I had used longer behind my parents’ back before I got my own one).

I also watched what was popular among classmates such as movies created with Adobe Flash, but my most favorite place for me was illustration BBS.
A user can post their illustrations, use the layers and save drafts in the site, depending on the system being used on of the site.

At that time I read a girl’s comic magazine, so I posted illustrations of girls on the illustration BBS of my favorite manga artist’s fan site and communicated with other contributors.
I think now, I could stand because there was my place outside the school.

I graduated from elementary school, and I went on to go to a local junior high school.